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White Mice by Ruskin Bond

White Mice by Ruskin Bond

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A tale of sweet revenge.

Ruskin is keen to teach his scatterbrained uncle a lesson. After all, he put him on the wrong train! But first, having wound up in Lucknow instead of Delhi, Rusty finds himself being plied with spongy, syrupy rasgullas by the stationmaster and introduced to the furry passengers of his toy train – a mischief of white mice.

That’s it! Armed with a parting gift of two of these rodents and some help from Grandpa, Rusty devises the perfect pay back.

Featuring an unexpected adventure involving white mice and whiter rasgullas, winsome characters and wonderfully expressive illustrations, this is one of Ruskin Bond’s most unforgettable tales.


Author: Ruskin Bond

Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan

Format: Paperback

Age: 6+ years.

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