Meet Our Founders!

Swati Aggarwal

Swati Aggarwal, the face behind Kindora, is an internationally trained Montessori Guide for the Primary level. She applies her Montessori knowledge and experience at Kindora to curate purposeful, calm, and age-appropriate toys and books for conscious parents and curious babies. Her thirst to know more about Pre-natal and Post-natal child development has led her to pursue AMI Infancy Montessori Diploma Program. Through Kindora, Swati wants to empower young parents with Montessori aids that support a child's holistic growth in the first three years when 90% of brain development ensues.

Ekta Purandare

Ekta, a medalist and a graduate of CEPT in Ahmedabad uses her Design knowledge and experience to create functional, safe, and handcrafted toys for parents who value quality above all else.