Care Instruction

All wooden products should last a lifetime when the wood is prevented from drying out (exposure to direct sunlight) or from moisture penetrating into the wood.

Our baby rattles and teethers may require additional care due to constant mouthing, we recommend using regular applications of a food-grade oil such as coconut oil.

  • Involving children in the care and maintenance of their wooden toys is a fun activity and helps develop a reverence for their toys
  • Place a small dab of coconut oil on a soft, lint-free rag and wipe over the toy, allow a few minutes for the oil to soak in, and then gently buff off.


DO NOT use chemical-based cleaning products (ethanol, bleach, or other harsh chemical products) or wash wooden toys directly in water as it may lead to color fading. It will also damage the paint and raise the grain of the wood destroying its silky-smooth finish. Soaking a wooden toy in water will allow moisture to enter deep into its structure which often causes mildew and mold growth.


Fabric Toys

Fabric toys can be washed by hand with a mild detergent or wool wash. Wash as though you would a woolen jumper, using tepid water and rinsing gently. The excess water can then be wrung out by placing the toy in between a towel and rolling gently. Then gently reshape and place in a shady place to dry. Always wash dark colors separately. Avoid soaking fabric toys for a longer duration.


Please take heed of the product warnings on our labels. DO NOT give toys with small parts unsupervised to children under the age of 3 or who still place items in their mouths. Our natural wooden baby toys however have been specifically designed to be safe for children 6years and under.

Our wooden toys are painted with certified non-toxic water-based paints and sealed with food-grade eco-friendly sealers. Completely safe and nontoxic. We strongly advise that all toys be inspected before being given to children. Proper maintenance and care of your toys are advised to ensure a safe, long-lasting heirloom toy.

Antibacterial Treatment

If you require to treat the surface area of a wooden toy for germs, we recommend wiping the toy with diluted vinegar. Dilute vinegar in a bowl of water at a 50:50 ratio, soak a soft cloth and then wring out excess moisture. Wipe the wooden toy surface with the cloth. Vinegar is proven to be naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal.