Covid-19 Safety Measures

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Safety is the choice that we have made for your children. Kindora has kids’ imagination, safety, and the planet at heart. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, we have implemented a set of precautionary measures to ensure that you get your packages in the safest way possible!

Read below to find out how are we doing so.

Vigorous disinfecting of premises

We disinfect our premises and our warehouses every day. Disinfecting agents can kill all forms of viruses and other pathogens so that they can never make their way to your products.

The staff wears masks.

All employees involved in restocking and packaging wear masks and gloves to prevent package contamination. Your package and its contents are in safe hands.

Mandatory Vaccination Policy

All employees in our organization have received Covid-19 vaccination to provide and maintain a safe workplace.