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Sibling Bonding Book - While I’m Sick

Sibling Bonding Book - While I’m Sick

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A warm and compassionate story about falling sick.

Big sister and younger brother duo Anahi and Vir reunite in a tender story about falling sick. The siblings couldn’t be more excited to go on their trip to the zoo with Grandma. Or at least, they are until Anahi starts to feel unwell! Vir is very happy to play the nurse … that is, until he starts to feel sick too. With some help from stories, teddy bears and most of all empathy, Anahi and Vir are able to get better and enjoy their outing together.

Writer Christy Olson Kennedy and artist Prashant Miranda team up again in this book which manages to capture something of the essence of childhood, conjuring up both the magic of anticipation, and the comfort and reassurance of love and care when you need it the most. This is a book that children will take pleasure in relating to and re-reading.

Format: Board Book
Age: 2+

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