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Sibling Bonding Book - While I’m Away

Sibling Bonding Book - While I’m Away

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A poignant yet playful take on starting school, ‘While I’m Away‘ places this important milestone into the context of the wider family, as a sister and brother adjust to their new routines.

Anahi couldn’t be more keen to hop onto the bus and join the ranks of the ‘big girls’ and boys’, while younger brother Vir is excited to have the run of the house. Spending time apart certainly has its benefits, but it can also make you appreciate the time you have together.

Writer Christy Olson Kennedy and artist Prashant Miranda manage to authentically convey both the complexity and depth of this sibling relationship. Apart from being a good way to approach the topic of starting school, the book offers opportunities to talk to children about empathy, feelings, and the meaning of family.

Format: Board Book
Age: 2+

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