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Waldorf Inspired Wooden Beetle Car

Waldorf Inspired Wooden Beetle Car

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Little ones got to move, and our wooden Beetle toy car moves right along with them. Sturdy, safe, all natural, and drives like a charm!

Each car is carefully constructed with perfectly smooth edges, keeping small hands safe. It uses 100% ethically sourced Neem wood which is hand crafted by local artisans, allowing long lasting fun.

* Promotes creative and imaginative play
* Helps to develop motor skills as they push the car around
* Encourages cognitive development as car is moved in different ways.
* Promotes social skills as children play and cooperate in their imagined scene.
* Encourages speech and language development.
* Handmade by Rural Indian artisans

AGE: 1+ years


SIZE: 13 l x 8 h x 2 w cm

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