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Traditional Tamilian Couple - Handmade Cloth Doll

Traditional Tamilian Couple - Handmade Cloth Doll

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Chutki and Bholu have decided to dress up like their friends from Tamil Nadu. Chutki likes to dress up like her friend Meenakshi who wears this traditional outfit and also her hair in single braid. Bholu has worn a Shirt and Vesti, a traditional outfit worn by his friend Narayan.

Aligned with Montessori ideology, this set of regional dolls are beautifully handmade with love by rural women of Orissa.

This set of dolls dressed up in traditional outfits will help today’s parents to enlighten their child about the life-style and traditions of South India, thereby accelerating their mental and emotional development.

Kindora assures that dolls are safe to play with and can be used as collectibles for child’s Doll house/Golu display.


  • Facilitates the growing imagination & creativity.
  • Helps in social & emotional development.
  • Improves language & communication skills.
  • Packed  in a delightful muslin packaging which is suited for gifting or self-use.
  • Handmade in India by by rural women artisans.

AGE: 3+ years

MATERIAL: Made with beads and cotton/silk sari fabric

SIZE: Height – 13 cms approx.

CARE: Clean with soft dry cloth to remove dust. Keep away from water & other liquid substances.

NOTE: Colour of the doll's costume may not be the same as picture. Colour will vary based on the availability at the time of purchase.

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