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The Magic Drum And Other Favourite Stories

The Magic Drum And Other Favourite Stories

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Sudha Murty’s collection of 30+ classic short stories and folk tales for children, ages 9-12.

Features over 30 stories from India’s most beloved storyteller Sudha Murty.
Includes popular stories like ‘A Fair Deal’, ‘Nine Questions for a Princess’ and ‘The Wise King’

Kings and misers, princes and paupers, wise men and foolish boys, the funniest and oddest men and women come alive in this sparkling new collection of stories.

Sudha Murty’s grandparents told her some of these stories when she was a child; others she heard from her friends from around the world. These delightful and timeless folk tales have been her favourites for years, and she has recounted them many times over to the young people in her life. With this collection, they will be enjoyed by many more readers, of all ages.


Author: Sudha Murty
Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan
Format: Paperback
Age: 8+ years

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