Top 3 National Diversity Encouraging Organic Toys

Top 3 National Diversity Encouraging Organic Toys

India’s 75th Independence Day is right around the corner and patriotic emotions are at an all time high. It’s necessary for such a powerful feeling such as patriotism to be instilled into our younger ones as well.
If you are thinking about how you can flare up patriotic zeal in your kids with some light hearted enjoyment, Kindora is the perfect place for you! Whether youre looking for the little one of your own or as a gift to someone elses world, Kindora offers you your very own top 3 national diversity themed organic toys that match the patriotic rich vibe with fervour!

Indian Cultural Dolls

Aligned with Montessori ideology, this set of regional dolls are beautifully handmade with love by the rural women of Orissa.

This set of dolls dressed up in traditional outfits will help today’s parents to enlighten their child about the life-style and traditions of India’s culturally enriched states, thereby accelerating their mental and emotional development. This can be a delightful way to encourage the development of calmness, humility, and social interaction by engaging in storytelling.

Kindora keeps up with its nature of safe, organic toys and confirms Indian Cultural Toys are a 100% safe and can be used as lovable collectibles.

Some of the handcrafted Indian Cultural Dolls Kindora provides are: Traditional Radha Krishna Doll, Bharatnatyam Dance Costume doll, Traditional Bal Ganesh Doll, Traditional Punjabi Couple Doll, Kathak Dance Costume Doll, Rajasthani Costume Doll set, and more.

Cultural Dolls

Indian Cultural Dolls – Kindora Toys 

Indian national symbol puzzles

As the name suggests, wood-crafted Indian National Symbol Puzzles increase your child’s awareness regarding significant Indian national symbols. These puzzles develop your little one’s fine motor skills and improve problem-solving skills with efficiency.

The making of these beautifully finished wooden puzzles involve Indian national symbols printed on high-quality, organic wooden board which is cut into 12 parts that can be assembled to form a complete picture.

Cultural education just got so much more enjoyable!

Some of the handcrafted Indian National Symbol Puzzles Kindora provides are: Montessori Jigsaw Puzzle Indian National Fruit Mango, Montessori Jigsaw Puzzle Indian National Tree Banyan Tree, Montessori Jigsaw Puzzle Indian National Bird Peacock, Montessori Jigsaw Puzzle Indian National Flag Tricolor, Montessori Jigsaw Puzzle Indian National Animal Tiger, and more!

Montessori Jigsaw Puzzle Indian National Bird Peacock

Games & Puzzles Kindora Toys


Inspiring story books

It’s very important for your child to learn from their little stumbles, but it’s also necessary to learn from their potential role models. Learning from mistakes is the best kind of learning for your little ones and Kindora believes it’s a lesson for lifetime as they get to experience something that they can never forget.

Inspirational books help your kid realize that failure is the first stepping stone to success and it broadens their vision towards life and create a positive impact on their life.

Motivation is critical and has been proven to be the difference between the underachievers and the highly successful individuals. Now is the time to inculcate the habit of reading in your little ones.

Some of the Inspiring Story Books Kindora provides are: Bhimsen Joshi- A Story of Passion, Dhyan Chand- A Story of Focus, Kalpana Chawla- A Story of Determination, Born to Bat- Mithali Raj, Tribhuvan Patel- A Story of a Farmer and the Milkmen, and more.

Inspiring Books 

Read Aloud Books (3+ yrs) Kindora Toys


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