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Tenali Raman – Tales of Wit and Wisdom

Tenali Raman – Tales of Wit and Wisdom

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A bowl of water must be carried thousands of miles without a single drop spilling.

A man is to be hanged for having a ‘bad-luck’ face.

The king’s well is getting married and all the wells in the kingdom must attend.

On a fascinating trip to Hampi, ten-year-old Sulekha meets the cocky TJ, who claims to be a descendant of Tenali Raman, the jester at the Vijayanagar court. Tenali always had a solution to every problem that befell King Krishnadevaraya’s kingdom – from the mundane to the bizarre: Through the comic exploits of Tenali, Sulekha and her friends explore the rich history of the majestic empire and life in sixteenth-century south India.

Wonderfully witty and bubbling over with fun and facts, this book is not just about one of India’s sharpest minds, it is a peep into a vibrant period in Indian history.

Author: Kavitha Mandana
Format: Paperback
Age: 10+ years

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