About Kindora

Our story


We hand curate environment friendly and non-toxic toys for the little person in your life. The founding members are two environmentally conscious mothers who laid Kindora’s foundation with a shared dream based on their childhood friendship and trust. Two lifelong friends, who, with a common love for Montessori philosophy and diverse Indian culture, wanted to create beautiful and sustainable wooden toys and resources for the little children in their life. What started as just an idea quickly blossomed into a desire to showcase our timeless designs with other children, just like our own.


Kindora is deeply inspired by Montessori philosophy which believes in respecting the child’s natural curiosity and interests. We believe in designing products that empower our children with the opportunity to play, create and discover the environment in which they live.

We wish to change how toys are produced around the world. Ethically made toys that are free of harmful substances should not be hard to find.
All of our soft toys – from adorable cloth rattles to cuddle dolls and cotton teething rings–are made from certified organic materials.
All of our wooden toys – from building blocks to rainbow stackers–are made from sustainable wood, and finished only with natural oils or safe, water-based coatings.

Our company is founded on our core belief that your family deserves a product that is of the very best quality and at the most affordable price point. By combining creativity with natural products, we have been able to design sustainable resources for the precious little ones of your world, allowing for various learning experiences that don’t cost the earth.

We pride ourselves on sparking joy, delight and wonder in our wee customers. Your playthings are made in rural villages of India, where they are carefully designed and built by hand. We use high quality wood and non-toxic, child friendly finishes.

Kindora also stocks a gorgeous range of locally published books for babies and young children. Brimming with a carefully curated range of titles, we are on hand to help you inspire a love of reading and life-long learning in your little ones. We offer everything from popular board books, paperback and hardcover picture storybooks, Indian fables and biographies.

In our quest for doing right for the environment we are continually looking for ways to minimize the use of plastic and give back where we can, which is why we we have consciously adopted eco-friendly packaging for our products.

We launched our brand in November 2020 with eco-friendly toys and Montessori inspired work material. We strongly believe in healthy co-existence of humans and nature. We aim to encourage the conscious environment friendly options. Kindora hopes to create a ripple effect with our ideology. With that in our mind, we have been growing our product range and are constantly inspired to design something new.

We hope that you appreciate the work that goes into designing truly timeless products for your little ones. We do a little happy dance every time you make us a part of your baby’s milestones.

Welcome to the family!!
Swati and Ekta
(Co-founders Kindora)

Why Kindora?

Timeless design

Kindora designs products that grow with your child. Alongwith creating beautiful pieces, our collections are made with the conscious mum in mind. We focus on safety, sustainability, and value.


Made in India

Our children's toys and learning resources are carefully manufactured in Indian towns and villages from solid and responsibly sourced materials. Our products are handcrafted by highly skilled and lovely Indian artisans.



Our company is founded on our core belief that every child deserves the best quality toy at the most affordable price point. Our prices are best in the market and fit every pocket.


Safe for Your Child’s Wellbeing

All our products are made from natural wood and organic fabric, free from toxic paints and tested to meet all Global Toy Safety standards.



Kindora products have been conceptualized by early childhood educators to encourage both play and development. All the toys available on our online store stimulate child’s natural desire to learn.


Montessori Aligned

In product development, Kindora is guided by the principles of Montessori pedagogy which believes in respecting the child’s natural curiosity and interests. Our toys are carefully crafted and designed keeping this in mind.

Our Team

Swati Aggarwal
Co-Founder and Product Conceptualizer at Kindora

Swati is an internationally certified Montessori teacher at the infant, toddler and preschool levels and a mother to a young boy. Prior to discovering Montessori Philosophy, Swati worked as a Human Resource Professional in the Corporate Sector. She holds a Post-Graduate degree in Human Resources from SIMS, Pune. When her family relocated to Singapore, she completed her Montessori training from MMI, Singapore. Swati is passionate about giving children the best and healthiest beginning in life. At Kindora, she utilizes her Montessori knowledge and experience in designing purposeful, calm, and age-appropriate toys for the conscious parent and curious baby.

Ekta Purandare
Co-Founder and Merchandise Curator at Kindora
Ekta, a medalist and pass out from CEPT, Ahmedabad which is a prestigious design and architecture school in India. She has a scrupulous approach to design which combined with her passion and experience in teaching and her cadence with the kids have helped her develop an expertise in design, functionality, safety and educational aspect of the toys. She brings in rich experience and ability to bring in novelty and innovation at Kindora
Rimsha Humaira
Web Developer and Graphic Designer
Designed all the web and graphics of Kindora, Designer at Digital Jai Hind Technology which comprises of young and inspiring designers and programmers, we had a great learning experience while working with Kindora, and we are excited about its future.